The Urban Collections Story

Modest Beginnings

A generation ago a young carpenter was working in new home construction building kitchen cabinets. But his dream was to have his own business manufacturing the best domestic solid wood bedroom furniture in Ohio and someday in the USA. Keep in mind that this was a tall order because this region was already known worldwide for woodworking expertise in solid wood furniture.

So right here in this small garage an idea turned into reality with the building of a bed that is still a best seller in the Urban Collections line called Legacy. As the word spread his business began growing and the factory expanded many times over. It quickly became one of the few Ohio factories that were 100 percent vertical with no dependence on small sub-shops to complete a bedroom order. This made customization in reasonable time possible, giving consumers exactly what they want with no compromise. At last: American-made quality furniture that gives the consumer both quality and choice. The Urban Collections also delivers furniture all over the USA on its own fleet of trucks.

Leading the Nation

We are proud of our attention to detail, which has been passed down from father to sons for generations, and we have maintained constant growth even during the uncertain economic times that have faced our country. Our domestic furniture industry’s problems were parallel to the auto, steel, electronic and textile industry failures in the USA, a problem created by the huge influx of cheap imported goods. Suddenly a complete manufacturing infrastructure was eroding and tens of thousands of US workers lost their livelihoods.

Still Growing

At the Urban Collections, over these uncertain years, we have had subsequent growth rate of triple digits, our growth has added over a hundred US workers to our team, and bucked the trend by accepting only excellence and nothing less when we build a piece of heirloom quality furniture. We have always stuck to our principals of doing things the "right way" by building superior handcrafted furniture with the best and most durable silky smooth finish in the world.

Techniques True to Our Quality

We give you the best time-tested construction techniques, and the best catalyzed, heirloom-quality, silky smooth, durable finish that CAN NOT be reproduced overseas. The beautiful thing is, we will continue to employ many more Americans, and we are only going to get better and better. Our work speaks for itself.

Please contact us to find a retailer near you and experience the rebirth of the American Furniture industry up close and see why we are proud of every piece that goes from our door to yours.

American Values

Our motto is, "The wind is blowing from the East back home, and isn’t it about time?" Our manufacturing is starting to come back – from an industry that was basically outsourced to China – back to our home, back to our soil. We are proud to do everything we can to keep growing and promoting excellence.

Americans are smart and savvy. Americans want VALUE, not American-sounding brand names stamped on goods mass produced in sweat shops overseas.

There are articles in abundance on the Internet about the plight of this industry over the last twenty years. Some American furniture manufacturers survived by diverting most of their production from the U.S. to China and other countries while still retaining some assembly and categorical manufacturing here in the USA. Other companies that were institutions in the American furniture industry like Tell City Chair from Tell City, Indiana, went out of business in 1996 (the Tell City Chair name was subsequently sold), Keller Solid Wood Bedrooms from Corydon, Indiana, founded in 1885, closed in 2006, and Richardson Brothers, a 150-year-old Wisconsin-based family furniture empire, ceased furniture production in 2007.

A little research shows that these were just a few of the casualties in the death of an industry. We are proud at The Urban Collections of Ohio USA to be a part of the rebirth of an industry. Americans want quality in the place where they can relax: their home. Americans also want choice, and this is what we bring to you. Look below at a rough sketch a consumer handed an Urban Collections of Ohio USA dealer of an impossible-to-find piece of furniture and see the despair the consumer had in the note they scribbled: "Must be perfect to fit radius under the stairs! We have tried six stores, and they all said this piece was going to be impossible to have made. Please help!".

From Sketch

To the unfinished piece in the shop

To the finished product in the home

At the Urban Collections of Ohio USA, we turn dreams into reality.