Urban Custom Shop

Over the years we have made many one of a kind pieces like the vanity at the left, and we ship them off, never to be seen. We are going to start a fun library to show you the possibilities.

Beautiful Custom Pieces

Our century old craftsmanship combined with high quality materials and sophisticated computerized equipment allows us with relative efficiently to build that one special piece just for you. The time frame for crafting one piece is more time consuming because we start with a rough drawing and a quote, then when you decide you like what we have done, we create a Cad drawing which you must review and sign off on. After this the craftsmanship begins. The entire process takes about twice as long as ordering an in Urban Collections design, but, for that person that wants exactly what they want, it is worth the wait.

Look below at a rough sketch of a customer handed one of our Urban Collections dealer of an impossible to find piece of furniture and see the despair the consumer had in the note they scribbled, "Must be perfect to fit radius under the stairs! We have tried six sores, and they all said this piece was going to be impossible to have made. Please help!

At Urban Custom Shop, we turn dreams into reality.

From Sketch
Unfinished Piece In Shop
Finished Product In The Home