Urban Lifestyles

The Cabot Collection

This transitional yet relaxed design is a form-and-function look reminiscent of the designs created by the Greene brothers from Pasadena, California, from 1907-1909. These designers used ancient Asian designs and created their own unique, exposed, detailed look. The Cabot features handsome grid detailing with a mixture of cherry with walnut accents. The joinery features an intricate design unique to Urban Lifestyles.

Cabot Queen Bed
52” Headboard
19” Footboard
Cabot Nightstand
18”D x 22”W x 25”H
Cabot 5-Drawer Chest
20”D x 38”W x 55”H
Cabot Sweater Chest
19”D x 28”W x 54”H
Cabot Dresser & Mirror
20”D x 62”W x 39”H (Dreser)
40” W x 38” H (Mirror)
Cabot 1-Piece Armoire
21”D x 42”W x 64”H
21”D x 48”W x 64”H
2 adjustable shelves
and 2 hidden drawers
Cabot 2-Piece Armoire
23”D x 42”W x 78”H
23”D x 48”W x 78”H
2 adjustable shelves
and 2 hidden drawers
Cabot Chifferobe
21”D x 48”W x 64”H
1 adjustable shelf behind
2 small doors
3 adjustable shelves behind
long door
Cabot Door Chest
21”D x 48”W x 54”H
2 adjustable shelves behind door