Urban Beginnings - Youth Furniture


The Urban Beginnings Collection

Urban beginnings was created for the most important people in our lives, our children unlike the common "Youth Furniture" on the market today. This is furniture refined enough that it can grow with them, and go with them to their first apartment or home. Each group features twin or full size beds with trundles, and side or front drawers. Each group has desks, media chests and matching chairs in fun colors like bubble gum, sunshine, sea foam, and many more wood and color selections are available. This is solid wood furniture with the best and most durable drawer system, and the smoothest and most durable finish available on the market today. Here are a few of our styles, and we have many more on the drawing board for the near future. The best doesn't really cost that much more. Let us give you "exactly" what you want.


Coastal Retreat


Lincoln Park




Ryan's Creek